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Taking the Calm Cs to Risky Business 2022

September 2022 

Risky Business 2022 A Turnkey Virtual Event
Risky Business Calm Cs

We’re delighted to be supporting Risk Business: A Turnkey Virtual Event.

Hosted by Aseem Ahuja, IRM Managing Consultant at Turnkey, Dom will be speaking about the Calm Cs of Business Change: Navigating risk, controls, and compliance on your journey to SAP S/4HANA. 

Delegates will learn a holistic approach to managing business change in the world of ERP implementations.  They will learn about common causes of failure, known critical success factors, and they will hear of Dom’s direct experience of being a business-side project manager in the trenches. 

Event booking and details can be found here. 

And you can read about our Calm Cs framework here