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Our Approach

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It's About Lived Experience and Best Practice

Dom started Range Consulting because he has walked the path ahead and led the business side of an SAP S/4HANA hosted in the Cloud project for an NYSE listed business through the full extended implementation lifecycle.

We combine the lessons learned from this lived experience with best practice and up-to-date thought leadership to enable us to help our clients bridge the gap in skills, culture, and language between the business teams and the specialist System Integrator (SI) or Implementation partner.

It's About Empowering People

We know these projects are tough; they can feel daunting and like looking up at a huge mountain and wondering how you will make it. But we also know that they can be great fun and hugely rewarding both personally, in terms of growth, and also for the business.

Not all journeys are the same, but we believe the best chance of success on these projects comes from knowledge which leads to understanding, trust which enables collaboration, and wellbeing that enables peak performance & reduces burnout, so that the business team can work confidently with the partner.

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It's About Simplifying the Complex

We are here to help you prepare for what may be on the horizon before you get the sales pitch from the partners.

Because we’ve been where you are, we realise that time is precious and in today’s corporate world, time is of the essence. You are busy and need to cut through to the answers and find the best way forward quickly.

We understand that all businesses are different and need to be understood & supported in a way that best fits. That means the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. Your business and your people need valuing individually.

This is why we have created the ‘Calm Cs of Business Change’ and ‘STEP-Up to SAP’ frameworks, which simplify the complex by bringing together what you need from respected best practice to increase the chances of success. We can work with you to create a support package that works for best.


Business Alignment & Readiness


Know why you are doing it, know where you’re starting from, and ensure that your organisation strategic goals and executive team are aligned with the project objectives.

Get clear on where you are today and where you want to be. Then engage the technology partner, don’t let them tell you what you want first. Develop a strong and justified case for change.


Project Governance, Risk, & Assurance


Take control of your project and put a robust governance framework in place so that you can remain confident it’s on track. Take a proactive approach to identify and mitigate risks before they become issues.


Inspiring Project Leadership, Management, & Sponsorship


Availability is not a skill. Make sure you have the right people in the right place. Especially an exceptional Sponsor and a PM who is a project leader with emotional intelligence not just a Gantt chart.


Business Adoption & Organisational Change


Treat people well and understand that change can be hard. Invest time and energy into Organisational Change Management (OCM).



Agile, Resilient, & Synergistic Teams


Realise that the best chance of success comes from happy teams who work well together and trust each other. Through developing trust, agile ways of working, synergistic problem solving and conflict management they can be even better.


High Performance Habits & Wellbeing


Remember people are not machines and so to be our best and deliver, we need the right support and focus to keep firing on all cylinders. Through high performance habits and practical wellbeing you can avoid overwhelm, stay in control and reduce the potential for burnout.

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The Calm Cs of Business Change & STEP-Up to SAP Frameworks are the creation of Range Consulting Limited. Copyright ©️ 2021-2024 Range Consulting Limited.  All Rights Reserved. 

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