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The State of Things...

We’ve all read the stats, with 75% of ERP projects failing to deliver on the promises (Gartner), and we’ve heard the jokes about SAP standing for Stops All Production or Stops All Payments.   But why does the industry suffer from this?  We have leading software, great customer businesses who are successful in what they do, and technically skilled implementation partners and SIs with many years of experience.  So, why?

Well, in reality there is usually enough blame to go around, but fundamentally the technology is not broken, the implementation partner has met their side of the bargain and nailed what was in the contract/Statement of Work, and the business is left feeling unsure about what went wrong.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe the chances of success can be greatly improved through empowering & enabling the business-side team and building a bridge between the business and digital consulting worlds. 

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Our Mission: It's About People

Behind every ERP implementation or ‘digital transformation’ there are people; a reality often overlooked when businesses embark on the implementation of new technologies, when time and costs are of the essence, but it is people who enable change, people who carry out change and people who are impacted by change.

In the world of SAP i.e. the ecosystem of consulting partners/system integrators; the technology is proven, the partners have years of experience and lessons learned, but the business team is often made up of employees that are put on these challenging projects, pulled from their daily roles, and have to carry this new responsibility with little knowledge, understanding, or initial support, or everything is just driven by the IT team and the wider employee base are just having SAP ‘done to them’.  People are ultimately left to try and find their way with consulting partners who are not in the same position and it is not a level playing field.

The reality is that although the consulting partner has been through this many times before and learned many lessons, it isn’t always the case that a truly transparent airing of the lessons from failure are shared.  So, the business-side team are essentially not really able to implement lessons from the business side point of view. Why would they? they haven’t done it before and may not have the time to churn through loads of literature on the subject to find the reality.

At Range Consulting, we advocate a new way of delivering success.  One where the business owns and drives the project, and the business team are empowered, equipped, and supported to fire on all cylinders and not rely solely on a technology partner who isn’t always coming from the same commercial standpoint.

We see the need for a kinder, more supportive way of working which is less isolating, more collaborative and more forward-looking so that everyone can work together confidently to achieve great things and deliver successfully.

This is why Range Consulting Limited is different...

We are a boutique consultancy focused on enabling businesses to navigate organisational change and scale the peaks of challenging projects by bridging the gap in skills, language and culture. Think of us as your client-side advocate in a world ruled by technology consultants – a bridge between business employees, technology and the consulting partners.

We’re here to support you by guiding you through the foundations of successful business change and digital transformation from the business people point of view. We won’t leave you at the top (Go-live), we will support you back down the mountain all the way to business as usual.

Range Consulting Limited is about helping the business side of the team to understand what’s on the horizon, equip them with what they need, and support them to get it right.  We firmly believe that if the core team feel calm, capable and supported, they are themselves better equipped to aid the wider business in adoption and change management.

If you are a business and want to take the first step, we’d love to hear from you. 

Or, if you are a business-side SAP professional or a SAP consultant who wants to put the heart back into work and our approach resonates with you, we are always looking for like-minded spirits to work with – please get in touch and lets explore the art of the possible…

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