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Introducing our new STEP-Up to SAP Framework - to help you unleash the power and value of your ERP

July 2023

STEP-Up to SAP Infographic

We developed STEP-Up to SAP to support an organisation with their existing ERP system, which had gone live years ago.  It is built around four areas – Stabilise, Trust, Empower, and Perform – and it focuses on stabilising ERP systems, building trust, empowering users, and enabling businesses to perform and leverage value from their ERP investments. 

Stabilise & Empower Stabilise the system and empower the users by addressing critical issues impacting the business and reinforcing team knowledge.

Build Trust by establishing stronger data governance, improving data quality, and ensuring compliant and secure user roles & authorisations. 

Perform & Manage with Confidence by understanding business processes and improvement opportunities. 

We designed STEP-Up to SAP to work on its own to support existing systems, and also to integrate with the Calm Cs of Business Change,  to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to ERP implementation and improvement.

Contact us to find out how STEP-Up to SAP can help your business.